vow renewal marrakech
Imane Tirich Photography

Vow Renewal in Marrakech

A vow renewal ceremony is a celebration of the love and commitment that already exists between a married couple. During the ceremony you will reaffirm the vows you made on your wedding day – either the same vows or new vows. 

You may have been married for one year, 20 years, or any amount of years in between or after – there is no rule as to when you should renew your vows. Some couples renew vows every year, others choose to do it to mark a particular anniversary, others just when it feels right. 

The contract of marriage is sacred, something to be cherished and nurtured, and a ceremony to restate the solemn promises you have made to each other is a wonderfully meaningful way to show your love and commitment to each other. 

A vow renewal ceremony in Marrakech can take place in a riad, a hotel garden, on a medina rooftop, in the Agafay Desert, on an Atlas Mountain hilltop – the options are numerous.  

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